Adrian Jones, Expert Cake Baker/Designer

Welcome to Kennedy’s Kakes 



I am Adrian Jones, owner of Kennedy’s Kakes.

I am a baker and cake artist from Columbus, Ohio. I have been an esthetician/makeup artist for 30 years. I have always dreamed of owning my cake boutique since baking beside my mom as a little girl.

That dream became reality in 2009 when Kennedy’s Kakes was established by me “The Cake Lady,” hence the femininity in the logo.

I have been baking for many years with the experience and recipes passed down from my mother and grandmother, the original cake ladies. The name Kennedy’s Kakes comes from my daughter, or should I say my cupcake, Kennedy Nicole. Kennedy’s Kakes is a way to celebrate your special occasion with an amazing cake inside and out. What you can count on with Kennedy’s Kakes are fine quality ingredients with a touch of love in every bite.

(614) 600-2253 | 65 South 4th St. Columbus, OH 43215 | Copyright © 2020 Kennedys Kakes. All rights reserved. 

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