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Cake made to wow your guests and your taste buds

Cake Consultation

If you are ready to discuss your dream wedding cake, schedule a tasting consultation with us below. This allows us to get all the necessary details before designing your cake. Once we have that conversation, it is time to taste the flavors of your choice.

Wedding Cake Tips

Consider these while waiting for your consultation

  • Ordering your cake six months before your wedding is ideal. For a smoother process it’s best to start choosing a baker after you have chosen your reception site.

  • Size matters. Your cake doesn’t have to be big enough to serve every single wedding guest, but you do want to make an impact. So, make sure you have an approximate number of guests that you are inviting, allowing you to choose the right size of cake. This will also give you an indication of price, so you know what to budget for.

  • Speaking of budget, sit down and come up with an amount that you are comfortable spending on your wedding cake. There are many ways to make your dream cake work, but we have to know where to start. Having a budget in mind when coming in for the tasting/consultation will be helpful.

  • Do you have a theme for your wedding? Would you like that theme to carry out in the design of your cake? For example, if you are having a formal wedding, we recommend choosing a formal design in your cake so that your theme flows throughout. 

  • You can’t please everyone. While you're wanting to make sure that everyone enjoys your wedding cake, remember this is your day and if you love chocolate or fruit fillings GO FOR IT! You do not have to stick to one flavor. 

Wedding Cakes
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