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"What's our weakness....MEN!”

I know you're thinking, "I am woman hear me roar", "Men do not make me weak", or "I am never weak". Okay. I get it hear me out. I'm sitting here working on a birthday cake for a man, and right about now because of the recent loss of my father everything has me thinking about him and the great man he was. So I decided to dedicate the month of February, you know that month of gushiness, flowers, candies and cakes, to GREAT MEN and what we can do to lift them up.

Have you ever heard of a Groom's Cake?

Let's talk about grooms cakes. My introduction to grooms cakes was when I watched one of my all time favorite movies, Steel Magnolias (1989).

There was a scene in the movie where there was a red velvet, armadillo cake made for Jackson (the groom). If any of you have watched this movie you know how hilarious this scene was. It has always stood out to me and I thought it was a nice gesture for the men, because as we know, the wedding day likes to focus on the bride. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I am a girly girl and I love a little focus on me, but I am also a daddy's girl and and sometimes want to focus on the wonderful men in my life. Especially, the one's that we are about to walk down the aisle to.

Ok, I have gotten off track. What is a Groom's Cake? Groom's Cakes are usually served at the wedding reception as a second flavor choice to the guests, but are often served at the rehearsal dinner in some regions. Groom's Cakes are often decorated to reflect the groom's hobbies or interests, such as golfing, fishing, hunting, or sports.

Another tradition was to cut a piece of the cake and put it in a small box, then present the box to an unmarried woman attending the wedding.The woman was not expected to eat the cake, but rather to put it under her pillow. Superstition held that this tradition would help an unmarried woman find a husband.

WOW, we have come a long way haven't we.

It's no longer just a simple flavor for the wedding cake, brides are stepping out of the box and choosing unique flavors for the cake, or even choosing not to have cake at all with sweets tables or doughnut displays instead. Being different is the new norm for planning and designing your special day. Having a grooms cake is slowly returning to the scene and I like it. I love seeing the grooms during the cake consultations who get so excited when they're apart of the cake decisions. Plus, they get super excited when they discover there is such a thing called a Groom's Cake.

I'm saying all this to say, I think it's okay that our men make us a little weak in the knees and we want to do something special for them. Let's start giving an extra thought to the grooms during the wedding process. Let's celebrate them with something special, and one way I recommend doing that with, is with a Groom's Cake. If you are a bride and you want to do something special for your man, contact me at Until next time remember ~Love at first bite...

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